Apps for Teens’ Mental Health

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Teens today have a powerful ally in managing their mental health: apps. While not a replacement for formal treatment, these tools can complement traditional support and provide an accessible way for teens to handle their well-being.


One such app is My3. It’s free and available on both Apple and Google app stores. My3 lets users identify three contacts they can quickly reach in a crisis. It also helps them review warning signs and coping strategies.


MoodTools is another excellent option. Based on cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), this free app provides information about depression and allows users to practice skills. It also has features for documenting coping strategies and crisis plans, making it easier to access these resources when needed.

Safe2Tell CO

Safe2Tell CO is different but equally important. It offers an anonymous way for students, parents, and school staff to report safety concerns. This app also provides educational resources and technical assistance to schools, fostering safer environments through prevention and early intervention.

By integrating these apps into their daily routines, teens can gain more control over their mental health. These tools, alongside professional help, can make a significant difference in their lives.