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Bridging Gaps With Virtual Intensive Care for Your Teen

Embracing the benefits of a virtual platform, our IOP is typically 4-12 weeks and is designed to support teens grappling with various life challenges without the need for a residential program. Through online interactions, we provide flexibility, accessibility, and an environment that encourages real-life practice of therapeutic skills. Whether dealing with school failure, substance abuse, or other complex issues, our virtual IOP is here to transform your teen’s life and provide support to your family. 

Each week of our virtual IOP is rooted in the following four pillars: 

  • Individual and Family Therapy: Deepening self-awareness and trust through weekly sessions.
  • Education and Skill-Building: Weekly groups for parents and teens focusing on recovery.
  • Ecology of Care Tools: Expanding teens’ worlds to reduce isolation and enhance connection.
  • Group Therapy: Fostering connections and community to combat loneliness in teens.

Inside Our Virtual IOP for Teens in Colorado

Comprehensive Assessments

We conduct detailed assessments of your teen’s current struggles to understand their unique needs, allowing us to tailor an effective recovery approach.

Health Coordination & Case Management

Our care coordinators and nurses work together to manage your teen’s overall health and wellness to meet their recovery goals. 

Family Engagement & Parental Support

We incorporate family therapy sessions, and parents are enrolled in our parenting program and weekly parenting process groups.

24/7 Support & Peer Mentorship

If there’s an emergency, our team is here for you. And our peer mentors offer one-on-one support for your child.

Alumni Planning & Future Success

Graduation is the start of a new chapter. Through alumni and aftercare planning, we equip your teen with the confidence and tools needed for a bright future.


Our user-friendly client dashboard keeps all billing, scheduling, and relevant information at your fingertips.

Sample Weekly Schedule


1:1 Therapy

4:30 – 5:30 PM

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Social-Emotional Group

6 – 7 PM

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Family Therapy

4:30 – 6 PM

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Mindfulness Group

4:30 – 5:30 PM

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Caseworker Session

6 – 7 PM

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Social-Emotional Group

6:30 – 7:30 PM

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1:1 Therapy

4:30 – 5:30 PM

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Invest in the Best Care for Your Teen

Personalized Care icon

Personalized Care

We customize your teenager’s treatment plan and weekly schedule to ensure they are on the most effective path to recovery.  

Home Based Recovery icon

Home-Based Recovery

Our virtual IOP allows teens to practice therapeutic skills in the comfort of their own homes, integrating healing into their daily lives.

Experienced Providers icon

Experienced Providers

Our team brings years of expertise and understanding to every therapy session or group, ensuring your teen receives top-tier care.

Continuous improvement icon

Continuous Improvement

We’re pioneers in the field of teen mental health, using data to drive innovation and enhance services for our clients. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

How is the program personalized to fit my teen’s specific needs and schedule?

We believe that customized care is essential to effective treatment. Every plan is unique, and the care can range from twenty hours a week to just three, depending on your teen’s needs and schedule. We continually work with you and your teen to determine the most effective path forward, adjusting the schedule, number of hours, and approach as needed to maintain efficacy. Our personalized approach ensures that each teen’s individual journey is fully supported.

What is the cost of the virtual IOP for teens?

Our cost structure is based on daily rates, length of stay, and specific program fees. The base cost per week is $1500, with additional fees for specialized services ranging from $50 to $600. While our IOP typically lasts four to 12 weeks, depending on your teen’s needs, we don’t accept insurance as we are a private-pay company. However, scholarships, financing, and lending options may be available to qualified families, and you can seek reimbursement through your insurance. For the best chance of success in reimbursement, we recommend working with an insurance advocate.

How does the enrollment process work for the virtual IOP at Antelope Recovery? 

To begin, simply get in touch with us via phone or submit our form, and we’ll reach out shortly for a no-pressure call and free 30-minute consultation. Together, we’ll design a care plan by discussing your teen’s mental health history, needs, and goals. Once the plan is ready, we’ll start your teen’s journey by matching them with a therapist, therapy groups, and an individualized care plan. Treatment continues for as long as needed. At the end of the program, we celebrate your teen’s graduation with ongoing community and growth opportunities through engagement with our alumni and services network.

Is this program suitable for my teen? What kinds of challenges does it address?

Our program is tailored for teens struggling with various challenges such as anxiety disorders, mood disorders, depression, trauma, self-harm, PTSD, attachment disorders, substance use disorders, behavioral addictions (like gaming, gambling, hypersexuality), LGBTQIA+ support, and sexual trauma. An IOP is an ideal solution for teens who require more than weekly therapy but don’t need detox or residential services. We provide a comprehensive and flexible approach to care that meets these unique needs.

What key skills and understanding will my teen gain from the program?

Our program will equip your teen with essential life skills, guiding them to recognize their self-worth and take accountability for their strengths and weaknesses. They will learn to understand their feelings, make wise decisions, and control their impulses and habits. We focus on teaching healthy screen use, effective communication, and conflict resolution. Additionally, the program helps your teen process past emotional experiences, creating a well-rounded foundation for personal growth and a healthier future.

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