Meet the Founder, Shelby Robbins

At the heart of Antelope Recovery is Shelby Robbins, an advocate for change in the mental health field. Shelby’s journey began from a place of personal experience, having witnessed the destructive impact of addiction and mental illness on the lives of her loved ones. After her high school sweetheart overdosed in 2017, she knew that she wanted to take everything she had learned to improve the lives of teenagers and families. She has since been committed to bringing deeper integrity and kindness into the mental health industry.

A Colorado local, she is intimately familiar with the large mental health deserts across the state. She is driven by the belief that everyone deserves access to quality healthcare, no matter where they live.

Meet the Team

Discover our team’s unique blend of expertise, compassion, and dedication, all geared toward supporting your teen’s recovery journey. 

Our Advisors

Christian Thurstone, M.D.

Denver Health

Dr. Laura Meyer

University of Denver’s Graduate School of Professional Psychology

Philip Tedeschi, LCSW, MSSW

University of Denver’s Graduate School of Social Work

Join the Antelope Team 

Start a fulfilling career at Antelope Recovery, where passion meets purpose. Join us in partnering with teens and their families on their path to recovery.

Invest in the Best Care for Your Teen

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Personalized Care

We customize your teenager’s treatment plan and weekly schedule to ensure they are on the most effective path to recovery.  

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Home-Based Recovery

Our virtual IOP allows teens to practice therapeutic skills in the comfort of their own homes, integrating healing into their daily lives.

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Experienced Providers

Our team brings years of expertise and understanding to every therapy session or group, ensuring your teen receives top-tier care.

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Continuous Improvement

We’re pioneers in the field of teen mental health, using data to drive innovation and enhance services for our clients. 

The Antelope Recovery Blog 

Tune into our blog for regular doses of valuable insights, actionable advice, and inspiring stories from our community.

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