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We are here for teens. If you are struggling, please reach out for support. We believe there is hope for every teen that is going through a challenging time.

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What Makes Our Teen Program Unique?

At Antelope Recovery, we offer a comprehensive approach to support teens facing life’s complex challenges. From failing in school to struggling with substance abuse, our virtual Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) caters to those needing more focused care without the requirement of a residential program. 

For those looking for additional support, we also offer separate groups for teens that aren’t part of the IOP, providing specialized guidance tailored to individual needs. If traditional therapies have failed, our virtual IOP and teen groups can ignite a transformative change in your teen’s life, building lasting resilience and harmony within your family.

Evaluation Assessments

Unsure About Recovery Options? Our teen recovery program offers a comprehensive and flexible approach to care. We provide evaluation assessments as an outpatient service, which is instrumental in determining the level of care your teen might require. This could range from Outpatient (OP), Intensive Outpatient (IOP), Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP), to Residential treatments. This initial assessment, priced at $200, represents a low-commitment first step towards understanding the specific needs of your teen and planning their recovery journey accordingly.

Our program operates on a continuum of care model, ensuring we can adapt to the changing needs of your teen and family. If a full IOP program is not immediately necessary, we can start with a smaller, more manageable approach and ramp up the intensity quickly if needed. Conversely, if it’s determined that a full IOP is no longer necessary, we can easily transition your teen to a less intensive level of care. This flexibility ensures that your teen receives the most appropriate and effective care tailored to their unique recovery needs.

Interested in an Evaluation Assessment?

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Invest in the Best Care for Your Teen

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Personalized Care

We customize your teenager’s treatment plan and weekly schedule to ensure they are on the most effective path to recovery.  

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Home-Based Recovery

Our virtual IOP allows teens to practice therapeutic skills in the comfort of their own homes, integrating healing into their daily lives.

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Experienced Providers

Our team brings years of expertise and understanding to every therapy session or group, ensuring your teen receives top-tier care.

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Continuous Improvement

We’re pioneers in the field of teen mental health, using data to drive innovation and enhance services for our clients. 

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