Bringing Recovery Home

Personalized Care for Colorado’s Youth 

The path to recovery begins at home. Partner with us, and together we’ll guide your child to a healthier tomorrow with our virtual substance recovery and mental health services for teens in Colorado. 

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Discover Colorado’s leading virtual recovery programs, designed to address real-life challenges head-on. At Antelope Recovery, our teen-focused therapies and parent support groups aren’t generic; they’re tailored to meet the unique needs of your family, fostering stronger bonds and healthier futures. 

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Making the right decisions for your child can be hard. We’re here to help make it easier. Ask us anything! We’ll guide you in choosing the best path for your child’s recovery journey. 

Trailblazing Teen Recovery in Colorado 

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100% Personalized Treatment

Every treatment plan is unique and tailored to your child. We work with you and your teen to determine the most effective path forward and continually evaluate and revise to maintain efficacy. 

Innovative Virtual Care

Receiving mental health care from home isn’t just convenient. It’s highly effective too! When teens receive care at home instead of in a clinical setting, they are supported in practicing therapeutic skills in immediately relevant circumstances. 

Whole Family Approach

We understand that your teen’s recovery isn’t an individual journey – your whole family is pulled along for the ride. We provide supportive resources for parents and include family therapy as a key part of our virtual IOP. 

Building Stronger Futures Together

At Antelope Recovery, we don’t just treat problems — we transform lives. With our innovative virtual IOP and family support programs, we’re committed to shaping healthier and happier futures for teens and families across Colorado.

Meet Our Team at Antelope Recovery

Get to know your partners at Antelope Recovery, where evidence-based practices meet heartfelt understanding to form a truly supportive and highly effective recovery experience.

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Our team employs data-backed strategies to ensure your teen’s treatment is effective and relevant.

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Trust in the competence of our professionals who carry years of experience in the field of teen recovery.

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Our providers, many with personal connections to recovery, bring an extra layer of empathy to their work.

Real Stories of Recovery 

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If a patient’s insurance is not currently accepted, please reach out to discuss financing and scholarship availability.

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Empower your teen and strengthen your family with our innovative and compassionate approach to recovery. Schedule your free 15-minute consultation now, and let’s begin your teen’s journey to recovery today.