Parent Support Group

When an adolescent is struggling it impacts the family, and family challenges impact the teen.

When an adolescent is struggling it impacts the family, and family challenges impact the teen.

The Antelope Recovery Parent Support and Education group is a weekly group that offers parents a space to give and receive support from each other. Connecting with other individuals who are facing similar challenges allows parents to share their feelings and feel less alone.

Each group provides information on adolescent development, strategies for navigating the challenges of parenting adolescents, and skills for supporting positive family environment and maintaining a strong bond with your child.

Join our parent groups to connect with other families, share experiences, and learn strategies that enhance your role in your adolescent’s journey towards well-being.

Why parent groups are helpful

Parent support groups offer a valuable space where parents can share the challenges they face—a space that is often missing in other aspects of their lives. Engaging with other parents who are encountering similar struggles provides validation and comfort. In these groups, parents have the opportunity to openly discuss their emotions and fears in a nurturing and accepting environment. Additionally, each session equips parents with targeted strategies and resources that aid in supporting their adolescent’s development effectively.

Tips to succeed in parent group

The key to making the most of parent support groups is to participate authentically as you are. Being open allows you to derive the maximum benefit from the group, but even simply being part of this community can significantly alleviate some of the burden. Engaging actively and sharing your experiences can enrich your journey and provide you with the support you need.

Sample group topics

Sample group topics include supporting behavior change, monitoring and supervision, how to create family agreements, and emotion coaching.


Groups are held virtually via Zoom every Tuesday from 12-1pm.

The cost is $63 per week, or $756 total, per family.

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