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Supporting Your Teen’s Growth & Recovery 

At Antelope Recovery, we’ve crafted support groups for teens in Colorado to turn struggles into opportunities for connection and growth. Through virtual hangouts or specialized therapeutic sessions, we offer a safe haven where your teen can find friendship and understanding, all within a nurturing community that’s committed to their well-being.

  • We offer virtual groups, ensuring accessibility for all teens 
  • Each group is led by professionals with a deep understanding of teen challenges 
  • We embrace creative therapy methods, including equine therapy and virtual hangouts 
  • Your teen will learn to develop their self-worth, think long-term, set boundaries, express themselves, and build meaningful friendships. 

Our Teen Support Groups

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Invest in the Best Care for Your Teen

Personalized Care icon

Personalized Care

We customize your teenager’s treatment plan and weekly schedule to ensure they are on the most effective path to recovery.

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Home-Based Recovery

Our virtual IOP allows teens to practice therapeutic skills in the comfort of their own homes, integrating healing into their daily lives.

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Experienced Providers

Our team brings years of expertise and understanding to every therapy session or group, ensuring your teen receives top-tier care.

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Continuous Improvement

We’re pioneers in the field of teen mental health, using data to drive innovation and enhance services for our clients.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Can my teen attend more than one group? 

Absolutely! Our diverse groups provide a healthy, engaged community for teens, whether they choose to participate in one group or multiple. During your initial consultation, we’ll discuss which of our groups and programs will best suit your teen’s needs. 

What if my teen doesn’t want to go?

First, we want to emphasize that these programs are not therapy or a mandatory class – they are a by-choice program. And most teens come in on the first day “forced” by their parents and rolling their eyes with dread. However, nearly all of them decide to come back. 

If your teen is very reluctant to attend, we recommend that you tell your teenager that they only need to attend the first class, and if they hate it, they don’t have to come back. It’s our job to deeply impact them during the first group and leave them wanting to return. 

Are there any resources for parents?

Yes! Please check out our resources and blog pages to learn more.

What if my teen needs more support? 

We offer other services, including Intensive Outpatient Programs (IOP), for those requiring more focused care. Our virtual IOP for teens is completely personalized to your teen and can last anywhere from 4 to 12 weeks. These programs are much more intense, including individual therapy, group therapy, family, and specialized sessions and activities. A consultation will help determine the best fit for your teen’s unique situation.

How do I sign up my teen?

Before you can sign your teen up for a structured group session, such as Antelope Group or Recovery Herd, we require a consultation. This allows us to better understand where your teen is at with their mental health and determine if our groups are appropriate for the level of care they need. Once you’ve completed the free 30-minute consult, you can easily sign up and pay for the group online. 

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