Interdisciplinary Case Consultations

What are interdisciplinary case consultations?

Interdisciplinary case consultations at Antelope are vital touchpoints scheduled regularly throughout a family’s treatment program, typically occurring on a monthly basis. These consultations can also be arranged upon the family’s request or as recommended by the treatment team. The dual objectives of these meetings are to gather feedback from both the teen and the parents regarding their progress and ongoing treatment needs, and to assess and fine-tune the program’s effectiveness. These consultations enable proactive adjustments to the treatment plan, ensuring that new or unmet needs are addressed and successful strategies are continued and expanded.

Who participates?

Interdisciplinary case consultations include the teen and their parents, as well as a diverse team of mental health professionals and paraprofessionals working with the family. Additionally, relevant external stakeholders, such as psychiatrists, school personnel, and other pertinent organizations, are involved. Recognizing potential communication barriers, we maintain consistent engagement with the teen’s broader network through phone and video consultations, delivering holistic, comprehensive care. This inclusive approach ensures that the teen and family are supported in all facets of their lives, enabling us to collaboratively navigate and manage crises effectively.

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