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  2. Our team at Antelope Recovery takes the reins, crafting the perfect recovery plan for your teen. 
  3. Time for graduation! We offer continued post-treatment support through our alumni and services network. 
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How We Help Teens With Depression & Anxiety

Depression and anxiety can often leave teens feeling lost, but at Antelope Recovery, we light the path to hope. Through our programs, we equip your teen with skills to manage their mental health and cultivate resilience from home — where they can practice their new skills in real-life circumstances.

  • Targeted therapies to manage symptoms of depression and anxiety
  • Empowerment sessions to help build self-esteem and resilience
  • Stress management techniques for handling life’s pressures
  • Mindfulness practices to help teens stay present and reduce anxiety

A Glance at Our Intensive Care for Depression & Anxiety

Mental Health Assessments

We provide comprehensive assessments to understand your teen’s current struggles, which include looking for signs of depression and anxiety. 

24/7 Support

If there’s an emergency or you need immediate care for your teen during off-hours, our team is here for you any time of day. 

Comprehensive Care

Our program includes individual, family, and group therapy — helping your teen to address challenges, find support, and improve communication and trust. 

Education & Skill Building

We focus on helping your teen learn vital skills, including self-worth, self-responsibility, emotional intelligence, impulse control, conflict resolution, communication, and more. 

Parent Support Programs

This program isn’t just for your teen — we want to ensure you have the support and skills for the journey ahead. We offer a parenting program and weekly parenting process groups. 

Post-Treatment Support

Graduation is a victory worth celebrating – but the journey doesn’t end there. We work with you and your teen to develop a plan for ongoing recovery and maintenance. 

Learn More About Our Virtual IOP Program in Colorado

Our IOP lasts between 4-12 weeks and includes 3-20 hours of care a week, depending on what is needed for your teen to build the foundation necessary for lasting recovery. Treatment plans are completely customized to your teen’s needs. 

Invest in the Best Care for Your Teen

Personalized Care icon

Personalized Care

We customize your teenager’s treatment plan and weekly schedule to ensure they are on the most effective path to recovery.  

Home Based Recovery icon

Home-Based Recovery

Our virtual IOP allows teens to practice therapeutic skills in the comfort of their own homes, integrating healing into their daily lives.

Experienced Providers icon

Experienced Providers

Our team brings years of expertise and understanding to every therapy session or group, ensuring your teen receives top-tier care.

Continuous improvement icon

Continuous Improvement

We’re pioneers in the field of teen mental health, using data to drive innovation and enhance services for our clients. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

What is Antelope Recovery’s approach to treating depression and anxiety in teens?

Antelope Recovery specializes in providing personalized, virtual mental health care for teens struggling with depression and anxiety. Each case is unique, so our professional therapists collaborate with families to develop a customized treatment plan. Embracing a holistic approach, we emphasize healing, empowerment, and the integration of therapeutic skills into daily life. Virtual platforms ensure flexibility and comfort, allowing teens to engage in therapy without leaving home. Our mission is to help teens build resilience and flourish in their everyday environments.

How long does the treatment program usually last?

The duration of treatment at Antelope Recovery is tailored to the individual needs and progress of each teen. Typically, our IOP lasts between 4 to 12 weeks. 

Depending on your teen’s unique needs, they can spend anywhere between three to five hours a day in sessions and other structured activities. Whether short-term or long-term, our treatment’s length is aimed at supporting meaningful, lasting change, and we remain committed to providing ongoing support for as long as it’s needed.

Is virtual intensive care as effective as in-person therapy for depression and anxiety?

Virtual mental health care has proven to be highly effective for many teens struggling with depression and anxiety. It offers increased accessibility, flexibility, and comfort — allowing teens in any part of Colorado to access intensive outpatient services. 

Our therapists are skilled in utilizing virtual platforms to create engaging and therapeutic connections, and our virtual intensive program emphasizes integrating healing into everyday life. We also provide a user-friendly dashboard that allows you to easily navigate your teen’s care and access information on payments, treatment notes, and more.

Does my teen need to be diagnosed with a mental health condition to qualify?

Your teen does not need to have a formal diagnosis to be admitted to Antelope Recovery’s program. We understand that mental health issues can be complex and sometimes unclear. As part of our intake process, our professional therapists will conduct a thorough assessment to understand your teen’s unique situation, needs, and challenges. This evaluation helps us determine if our program is the right fit and how we can best support your teenager. Our goal is to provide care that meets your family’s specific needs, regardless of a prior diagnosis.

What is the cost of virtual IOP services at Antelope Recovery?

The cost of Antelope Recovery’s virtual IOP services is dependent on each families’ unique needs and schedule. With over 20 different service and appointment types available, ranging in cost from $50 to $200 per hour, providing a precise figure without understanding your specific circumstances is challenging. We prioritize creating a customized care plan that aligns with your needs while ensuring affordability.

We currently accept several insurance options:

  • Colorado Access Medicaid
  • Aetna
  • SignalBHN

For those not currently covered by our accepted insurance providers, we may be able to offer scholarships and financing options, reinforcing our dedication to never turning away a teen due to cost.

Additionally, Prosper Healthcare Lending is a recommended resource for those seeking further financial assistance for their child’s care. We also advise families seeking insurance reimbursement to work with an insurance advocate, which can help in effectively processing your claims and maximizing benefits.

Our aim is to make the process as straightforward and stress-free as possible, ensuring that every teen has access to the care they need. For more detailed information on costs, insurance coverage, and financial support options, please contact our admissions team.

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