Monthly Case Consultations

Monthly review sessions provide an opportunity to zoom out and discuss the success of your treatment plan. Are we meeting our goals? Can we drop sessions or add some? During these sessions we check-in and further customize our approach.

Ongoing Virtual Support

Our treatment team is available to you and your teen for ongoing virtual support between treatment sessions. We encourage the continuous practice of learned skills and provide assistance when challenges arise, ensuring consistent progress.

Co-Occurring Disorder Treatment

Many teens who engage in problematic substance use experience emotional and behavioral challenges that create a negative cycle. Our treatment programs are individually designed to account for the complex interplay between mental health and substance use.

Parent Support

This program isn’t just for your teen — we want to ensure that you have the support and skills for the journey ahead, too. We offer a parenting program and parent coaching as needed, ensuring you have the resources and skills to navigate the recovery journey alongside your teen.

Drug Testing

Our approach to drug testing incorporates virtual contingency management, an incredibly effective drug testing protocol. By reinforcing engagement with sobriety goals, we help adolescents learn and practice new, healthier habits.

Interdisciplinary Care Coordination

By coordinating with the entire care team – including psychiatrists, school counselors, probation officers, and pediatricians – we ensure that everyone in your circle of support is on the same page, and taking coordinated efforts forward.